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Essays by Mind Map: Essays

1. Comparison and Contrast

1.1. Basketball vs. Soccer

1.1.1. Basketball and soccer are both two very good and famous sports that make a lot of controverse with fans to know which one is better. The rules are completely different but they can be similar in some ways Soccer is played by using feet and head principaly, no hand are permited except for the goalkeeper, and basketball is played only using hands They both have moral rules and no bad attitudes are permitted as in any good sports respect is important, that is why they are so loved. They both are loved by incredibly numerous fans all over the world. Basketball and soccer can be the most famous sports all over the world, but obviously one of them is more famous than other. Football is the sport that has the most massive and popular international world cup all over the planet, and these event can demonstrate that football is more famous. Football is more known and loved, but that doesn't demonstrate with facts that it is a better sport. Football can be liked by more people than basketball but as a sport I even think basketball is better. So everyone will be with a different opinion in which sport is better so we don't know.

2. Example

2.1. Difficulties of studying in Tecnologico de Monterrey.

2.1.1. Tecnologico de Monterrey is a school like any other, but it has an education system in which you need to work a lot to have good results. It is free as college but at the same time that can bring difficulties. The excess of freedom gives you excess of confidence and that can be wrong Projects are massive and need more work. There are several projects for semester Conclusion Tecnologico de Monterrey is a really good school that teaches you how to be a responsible person that tries to always achieve what he or she needs to, but if you don't make enough effort you can have problems.

3. Classification

3.1. Food

3.1.1. Food is different in each country and it can be classified in that way. Chineese, Italian, and Mexican food are international foods that can be seen all over the world because of their characteristics and delicious flavors. Chineese Italian Mexican Conclusion