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english essays by Mind Map: english essays

1. example essay

1.1. Show jumping on horses is a very cool sport.

1.1.1. It is a very danguerous sport. You can fell down and get hurt Two years ago I felt down of my horse and I fissure my wrist and hurt my knee, but I recover soon and I continue with my favorite sport.

1.1.2. There is a lot of adrenaline. When the horse jump you feel the adrenaline going thru your body. I really like jumping becasue I like to feel the adreline when you are jumping and even more when you reach a bigger obstacule size.

1.1.3. Lots of competitions. When you are really involve in this sport you can reach to compete and win lots of trophies. I for example I had been practcing this sport during several years and I really put effort on it. I had reach to attend to the nationals.

2. comparison & contrast

2.1. Vacationing on the beach or the city can be a good choice.

2.1.1. POINT BY POINT Kind of activities to do. On the city you can visit different sites such as museums, theaters, downtown, etc. You will need much more time and organization. On the beach you can so swimming,sailing, getting a good tan, among others. you don't really need a lot of orgnization. Type of clothing and equipment Putting on mind that on the city you are going to walk a lot. You will need comfortable clothing like tennis or comfortable and pretty shoes , couple of nice jeans and pretty blouses. On the beach you need to take first of all the swimming suit,shorts, sun bloque and tanner,sun glasses, etc. Type of life you want to manage. On the city you have to do a schedule to have enough time to do all the activities you want. On the beach you only have to relax and led things just happen.

2.2. Conclusion:Both places are interesting and exciting, it all depends on what you are looking for. Keep in mind that wherever you decide to go you will enjoy it.

3. Classification

3.1. On life we had a lot of types of friends.

3.1.1. Friends that we only see in school. We might see the them on school and take classes with them but they are the ones that we will not talk about our personal life. I have a lot of these kind of friends and they are nice people but In dont feel really confident about talking of my personal life with them. These kind of friends can be with us during the hole period of our high school and college but we have never keep a conversation.

3.1.2. Best Friends These type of friends are the ones that are like your family, you have all the confidence to talk about your personal life and you know they will never say something. My best friend is always with me she is like a part of my family.

3.1.3. Neighbor friends Are the ones that you have grown and they know you since you are little. My neighbors are so good because when we leave out of city they take care of our house.

3.2. We should never forget which ones are the really good friends and help them.