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Essay by Mind Map: Essay

1. Essay Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Cola

2. Example

2.1. In think "The Naranjeros" the Hermosillo is the best team of baseball in Mexico

2.1.1. The Naranjeros is the team with export more players to other countries Is the team with more championship in the league They have 15 championship Is the Dream Team of the legaue They have the best players Have the best game In conclusion The Naranjeros are the best team of baseball in Mexico

3. Comparison & Contrast

3.1. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

3.1.1. Coca- Cola Taste Price Publicity

3.1.2. Pepsi Taste Price Publicity

3.2. In conclusion Coca-Cola and Pepsi are good sodas

4. Classification

4.1. There different types of car

4.1.1. Cars have different sizes and prices Sedan Price Brand Pick-Up Brand Vans Brand In conclusion there are different size of cars and brands