Dr. Miles Munroe

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Dr. Miles Munroe by Mind Map: Dr. Miles Munroe

1. The Voice

1.1. Is there a need for more spiritual fathers in the local church; are there enough?

1.2. What’s it going to take for the eyes of those who should be spiritual fathers to open and step into that role? Where’s the disconnect?

1.3. You prefer to teach rather than preach and this approach to ministry has obviously been well received by the masses. Why do you think this method is so effective?

1.4. As the founder of the International Third World Leaders Association, you have a unique perspective on the issues in these countries. What are the biggest challenges to spreading the Gospel in developing nations?

1.5. How do you see the role of third world countries in spreading the Gospel around the world?

1.6. What have been the benefits of networking with other ministries?

1.7. How can we break down the barriers between races and cultures in the Body of Christ?

1.8. One of your key messages is “everyone is born for a God-given purpose and potential to fill that purpose.” How do you see the apostolic and prophetic ascension gifts helping believers recognize and walk out their purpose?

1.9. Many believe there is a restoration of arts coming to the Church. You are a talented concert pianist, master of the guitar and worship leader. What do you perceive God is doing in the realm of arts and music in this hour?

1.10. What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the Body of Christ today and what must we do to address these issues?