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The Fast Track To Becoming A Professional Decorator by Mind Map: The Fast Track To Becoming A Professional Decorator
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The Fast Track To Becoming A Professional Decorator

Reputation Management

look like a decorator - wear your whites

be easily contactable

be presentable

be tidy

being helpful and going out of your way will go a long way to keeping customers coming back and recommending you to their friends

collect testimonials


read the tins!

phone the advice line on the tins

read the book: Painting and Decorating: An Information Manual

ask your local decorating store

Pricing and Quoting

quote fast

ask the customer about best times for access

remember to quote for:

always offer to remove your shoes before entering a house

be honest and price based on your experience

set limits on what you can do and can't do

if you have a bad feeling about a job don't do it.

comman tricks customers use to get the price down:

make the quotes easy to read, transparent and stylish


alway look for new opportunity to learn new skills

when working in private homes remember it's their home.


be patient, you'll find that one day everything will click into place.

work with experienced decorators but find your own style.

Start off slow as you learn, thinking about everything you do. then when you are confident move your conscious to the side and trust in your abilities. (I almost doubled the quality and speed of my work in one day by doing this)

Use the Best tools for the Job! Good tools will save you money. They will last longer and you'll work faster and neater.



don't be hasselled into paying for inclusion into online directories or any other advertising


Finding work

set up a google alert for 'yourtown decorators wanted' and other related terms

contact building firms and ask them to consider you when they need a decorator

contact letting agency and landlords ask them if they a decorator. (just a couple of landlords can keep you in full time work)

read the jobs pages even if you don't need work. Is good to see whats about.