At the tourist information

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At the tourist information by Mind Map: At the tourist information

1. worker

1.1. It´s ... minutes/hours away.

1.2. I´d recommend visiting it.

1.3. There is/are a/some ... you can visit.

1.3.1. chapel

1.3.2. church

1.3.3. attractions

1.4. Take these pamphlets. (Broschüren)

1.5. Welcome, what can I do for you?

1.5.1. Can I help you ?

1.5.2. What would you like to know ?

1.5.3. We have kinds of interesting tour books here.

1.5.4. You can find the directions and information in the book.

1.5.5. What else would you like to know?

1.6. What sort of accommodation are you looking for

1.7. For information about events you can read this pamphlet.

1.8. There will be a... next week, so you can visit it.

1.8.1. festival

1.8.2. sport event

1.9. What are you interested in ?

2. Tourist

2.1. finding an accomodation (Unterkunft)

2.1.1. Do you have a list of...? hotels B&B´s youth hostels campsites

2.1.2. We are looking for an accomodation.

2.1.3. We need somewhere to stay.

2.1.4. Can you book an accommodation for me

2.2. Events & Activities

2.2.1. Are there any... at the moment ? exhibitations (Ausstellung ) culktural events sporting events excursions tours day trips

2.2.2. Can I book tickets here ?

2.2.3. Can you recommend a good restaurant ?

2.2.4. Ìs there a city tour ?

2.2.5. Could you tell us what´s on the ...? cineme theatre concert hall operea house

2.3. General questions

2.3.1. What´s the best way of getting around in the city

2.3.2. Where can I rent a car ?

2.3.3. What time does it open ?

2.3.4. Do you have these books in german/ English

2.3.5. What sights can I visit in this area ?

2.3.6. Where is the... ?

3. sightseeing

4. souvenir

5. cost

6. location

7. guide

8. arrival

9. shopping mall

10. to request