Robotics - Stakeholders

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Robotics - Stakeholders by Mind Map: Robotics - Stakeholders

1. Employers

1.1. Save Money

1.2. Could loose money

1.3. Have to make new rules and regulations

1.4. May need to fire/ hire more employees

2. Company Owner

2.1. Save Money

2.2. Could loose money

2.3. May have jobs done faster

2.4. More products might be made

2.5. Company could get a larger profit

3. Consumers

3.1. Get products cheaper

3.2. Possibly more avaibable

3.3. Some products can become more expensive in certain cases

3.4. Products may be more reliable

4. Employees

4.1. May loose their job

4.2. Can do mind-numbing jobs

4.3. May be re-skilled in other areas

4.4. Have a serious risk of being hurt

4.5. Could lead to more jobs e.g. oiling robotics, etc.