Analytical Exposition

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Analytical Exposition by Mind Map: Analytical Exposition

1. Definition

1.1. Language

1.1.1. Analytical Checking or testing something carefully

1.1.2. Exposition Broad explanation

1.2. Literally

1.2.1. The Analytical Exposition is a text that tries to provide comprehensively about a problem by displaying supporting opinions carefully

2. Purpose

2.1. To reveal the readers that something is the important case

2.2. To analyze the topic and to convince or influence the reader that this opinion is correct and supported by arguments

2.3. To convince the reader that the topics presented was an important topic to be discussed

3. Language Features

3.1. Simple Present Tense

3.1.1. States of being

3.1.2. States Facts

3.1.3. States of Habits/Routine

3.2. Internal Conjunctions

3.2.1. Addition Besides In addition Further

3.2.2. Comparison But On the other hand

3.2.3. Time Second Next

3.2.4. Cause-Effect Consequence So As a result

3.3. Phrases

3.3.1. Therefore, my conclusion is...

3.3.2. I personally believe

3.3.3. From the text above...

4. Generic Structure

4.1. Thesis

4.1.1. Writer's opinion Introducing the topic Indicating the writer's point of view

4.2. Argument

4.2.1. Argument 1 Supporting idea Evidence Explanation

4.2.2. Argument 2 Supporting idea Evidence Explanation

4.3. Reiteration

4.3.1. In the end of paragraph Rewriting Idea Replacement Ideas