Scratch Game Brainstorm

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Scratch Game Brainstorm by Mind Map: Scratch Game Brainstorm

1. Game Genre

1.1. Platformer - I believe a platformer game would be a good option for my Scratch Game, because this is a game mode that could potentially have many levels, meaning the player could have more levels to beat and play.

1.2. 2D Shooter - Another Idea for my game genre is a 2D shooter. There probably is another name for this particular genre, but I'm just calling it a 2D shooter. The concept for this idea is the player uses WASD or the Arrow Keys to move around, and holding a weapon, uses the mouse to aim and clicks the left click to shoot or hit.

1.3. Sandbox - I could try to make a game with a sandbox genre. If I were to pursue this path, I would probably design a building simulation, similar to Sims BuildIt, the game where you are an new city.

2. Music

2.1. One genre of music I am considering for my Scratch Game is EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It had gotten the most votes from all of the people that voted, and it also is used commonly in games, as well as game montages/lets-plays on YouTube.

2.2. Another music genre i could be considering is classic for some parts, when telling a story, for example. This could help make the story more calming, and provide the correct atmosphere.

3. Story/Plot

3.1. My game's story will be about a hero who has to save the world by beating monsters. In the levels, the hero beats monsters and the player will take the place of the hero. The player can learn different moves that help him with each monster, and collect different weapons.

4. Characters

4.1. I will make the player be able to choose the main character's gender.

4.2. There will probably be side characters that guide the player along the way.

4.3. There will also be a monster. I haven't decided on what it would look like, but the monster will be what the player is fighting, trying to take down.

5. Setting

5.1. I will make my game in the past, around the medieval times, as that was when there was a lot of fighting.

5.2. I could also make my game in the future, where technology is brought into the game, as it could be an interesting type of game to play, because of the more advanced weapons to choose from.

6. Graphics

6.1. Cartoon: My game will probably be in cartoon. The characters, scenes, backgrounds. However, I do intend to keep my story part at the beginning not cartoon, but I have not decided yet.

6.2. Stick figures: I could make the characters stick people, which could make it easier to animate them moving. I had this inspiration from a mobile game I used to play a very long time ago, where a stick figure runs across the world similar to Mario.