Deontological Theory/Non-Consequentiality

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Deontological Theory/Non-Consequentiality by Mind Map: Deontological Theory/Non-Consequentiality

1. An individual either done good or bad

2. the action are intrinsically good or bad

3. “deontology” derived from a Greek word “deon” which means “duty”.

4. The actions cannot be accepted morally, even if their effects may be morally good.

5. Principle of Duty

5.1. Kant’s principle of duty emphasizes “duty for the sake of duty”.

5.2. Freedom + fairness + intelligence + choice = Moral action

5.3. moral views is known as Kant’s Ethics

6. principle of existentialism

6.1. maintains good or bad values from free choices of individual. A good value if it is done as a result of one’s choice.

6.2. It becomes a bad value if that act is force.

6.3. man exist on the scene and only afterwards, define himself.

6.4. E.g. donating money is a good value if it is done as a result of one’s choice.

6.5. Two Principles of Existentialism

6.5.1. A person cannot succeed without effort

6.5.2. Man is nothing but what he makes of himself.

6.5.3. We choose the good, and nothing can be good for us without being good for all. Man