hospitality and security

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hospitality and security by Mind Map: hospitality and security

1. hospitality- Alton towers ensure hospitality at the theme park by security checks as soon as you walk into the theme park so that the visitors feel safe and not endangered by anyone, they would do this by checking bags. it is easy to access information because they use the tickets with the barcodes which you have to scan to be let into the park. it would be very easy to store information for example if a visitor has something that can harm other visitors in his bags whilst security checks he could be put on the Alton towers system to ensure that they cant visit again to ensure everyone's is fit for purpose because the security checks are a legal requirement as lots of people around the world visit Alton Towers and I anything went wrong in the theme park they would lose customers. they could also be used in relation with missing bags because they could check on the CCTV cameras where the bag has been taken or placed. Another way this could be used fr is when people go on the rides with there smart devices so the staff could tell them in advance not to take mobiles with them at there own riskof losig them or injuring them self.

2. Alton towers set height limits to all there rides to ensure that the visitors are safe whilst on the ride and that the safety harnesses are suitable for the person’s height. They also do regular maintenance checks to see that the rides are working correctly so that the visitors are safe on the rides and so that the rides are unlikely to break down. it is easy to access this information because the visitors get told what the height restriction is before entering the ride so that they don't get disappointed if not allowed to get on the ride due to there height. they store the information in a database so that if they have any problems with the rides that they need to adjust something they can do so without a problem. this is fit for purpose because they need these security harness and height restrictions to ensure that the visitor is safe on the ride. this information could be used on the smiler with height restrictions and warning people with epilepsy because of the flashing lights and also galactica letting people try it the seats before going on the ride for there own safety and precautions. this is also used on the restraunts in alton towers warning the visitors on the ingrediants they use on there foods so that if a visitor has an allergy to one of the foods he can tell them before ordering or visit a diffrent restraunt

3. Alton towers would have to do daily maintenance checks on there rides to ensure that they are safe to ride. if they did not do this the the rides would break down more regularly and if the weather was harsh like snow then Alton towers would have to close down some of the rides so they don't get damaged and because removing the snow will take a very long time. itis easy for them to access the information because there computers lets the staff operating the rides the faults of it breaking down so they could resolve the problem as soon as possible. they store the information and keep records of all the axle changes they have made and how many time the ride has broke down so they can improve the ride or fix any major parts if it has problems. this is fit for purpose because without keeping records of these break downs they wouldn't know the main issue of the break downs and how to fix the problem as soon as possible. the information is used through out the theme park because by keeping records of these break down they can see if there is any faults in the rides and they can decide how to fix this by either fixing it or opening a new ride to replace it. they could also use this method on the arcade game, giving regular check ups so that it doesn't break down because these arcades are gaining popularity.

4. Alton towers insure safety to all of there visitors in the hotels by keeping it safe from people entering. it is easy for them to access this information because they have cards/keys for the visitors for them to enter there room which gives them privacy and security. they store this information in there data base so that they have a record on who has been staying at the hotel so that if anything is broken after they have left they could find out who's responsible and inform them also the information is encrypted so that it does not get stolen. this has purpose because they have to keep records on who has stayed and they could use there information next time to send them offers and discounts on Alton towers tickets etc. this information would also work with multiple hotels because they could also used this to ensure the visitors safety and it would legally protect them. this information could be used for future projects because they can analyse the information and use it towards rides and hotels in the future based on age, what they are interested in.