Grade 4 Body Parts French Vocabulary

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Grade 4 Body Parts French Vocabulary by Mind Map: Grade 4 Body Parts French Vocabulary

1. Online Game:

2. Resources to be included

2.1. Computers, at least one for every two students

2.2. Brainstorming and diagram at the front of the room for the students to reference.

3. Technology to be employed

3.1. Alberta Program of Studies:

4. GLO's

4.1. Communication: Students will use their knowledge of French understand and/or express a message effectively in various situations and contexts.

4.2. Student will use with accuracy, knowledge of linguistic elements of the French language to fulfill their communicative intents.

5. SLO's

5.1. Experience 2: Who I am? My physical traits

5.1.1. Language: Knowledge of vocabulary: Parts of the body

6. ICT Learner Outcomes

6.1. GLO

6.1.1. C1, 2.1

6.1.2. C6, 2.1 & 2.5

6.2. SLO

6.2.1. F3, 2.2