Copia di Ancient Britain

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Copia di Ancient Britain by Mind Map: Copia di Ancient Britain

1. The Romans build: •Over 9.600 km of roads •The “Hadrian’s Wall” a defence fortification and barrier (between England and Scottland and collegate the Emperor with streets) •The «Londinium» •The first “London Bridge”

2. They became a part of Roman Empire.

3. Britain was firstly inhabited by the Celts in the Iron Age. (600 BC/50 AD) They were presented by the Romans as “barbarians”. The Celts didn’t invaded Britain: they gradually settled in the country (500/100 BC).

3.1. They were tribes of warriors, and hunters.

3.1.1. The lived in huts made of timber, with thatched roofs.

3.1.2. They were farmers and practised agricolture (when they weren’t fighting in wars.) Their society is organized in clans, which was like an extended family, clans joined together with other clans to form tribes, (each with own customs, tradition and social structure). Their transmission of culture was oral, and much of what we know about them come to us through the old stories and poems, (that were passed down for generations). They worshipped the natural elements, like the sun, moon and water. The women were equal to men, they could choose who they wanted to marry, retained their property, and also lead warriors in war (like the warrior queen Bodicea).

3.2. They brought ironworking, which had amazing effects, and they introduced the iron plough.

3.2.1. They build Stonehenge: an ancient stone circle, that is probably between 4.000 and 5.000 years old. Some people think that Hill Forts were build by the Celts, (they consisted in a small ditch and bank surrounding a hilltop) but other think that Hill Forts were build by the native Britons, to defend themselves.

4. Important Roman Emperor: Julius Caesar (100-43 AD) and Claudius.

5. Roman left to Britain to come back to Rome, and other tribes invaded Britain: England, Saxon and Jutes.

5.1. Christianity began with the Roman Empire, with Saint Augustine, went to Canterbury and bcame the first Archbishop of Cabterbury and built monasteries.

5.1.1. During the reign of Alfred Great Anglo-Saxons were converted to Christinity were founded monasteries

5.2. This tribes settled in England

5.3. The warriors and nobilty had to be loyalty to the king and he in return gave them money and land.

5.3.1. The Celts with Romans were Chrietianised Their religion was politeist They worshipped a lot of gods They also believed in Fate (whavoidable and unpredicable)

6. King of Anglo-Saxons was Alfred the Great of Wassex and he halted the Danish advance. The Danish armies, commonly knows as Vikings, began to invade, they conquered northern, southern, easthern and part of central areas of England

7. “Kingdom of Anglo-Saxons” was born under Alfred’s lordship

7.1. Alfred vision was for a kingdom built over generations.

7.1.1. with: developments in state-building, the construction of towns, the distribution of coins

8. Alfred’s son: Edward extemded the power of the king Alfred but Edward son conquering Nothumbria in 927

9. The Celts built Stonehenge, is an ancient stone circle, is 4000 and 5000 years old

9.1. It was used as an place of burial

9.2. it may used as a calendar, or as a place of study the movementsof the stars and worship andfor Religious Cerimonies

9.3. The largest stones measure up to 30 feet or 9 meters