SM Tool (send to queue)

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SM Tool (send to queue) by Mind Map: SM Tool (send to queue)

1. Abandons/Callbacks Identified via Query

2. SM Determines QUEUE volume

3. SM Selects call(s) and press "Queue Release ON" (button top right)

3.1. "Button" will have on/off feature

3.2. Granular control (not dialer based)

4. Resides in CALLS view

4.1. Determine Access

5. Calls Spawned with original call attributes

5.1. NOT original agent attributes, will go into general queue

6. Campaign, Whisper and Script POP to be different than Incoming so agent realizes this is a callback

7. Close to be same as incoming call with additional status of Failed Callback for close, however agent not to be penalized if No Answer or VM (use disposition logic for conversion treatment, not undocs)