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Knowles Maui by Mind Map: Knowles Maui

1. . Knowles Maui is the # 1 preference when searching for high end vacation rentals in Kihei, HI. We have the best selection of oceanfront condo units for rent on the South Shore of Maui, on Sugar Beach. You will identify that many of the condo rental selections in Maui are tired and dated on the inside. Many are lacking modern amenities, and ice cold air conditioning is hard to find. When you book with Knowles Maui, that is not the case! As our pictures show, our condos are perfectly built with modern concepts, amenities, while coming with stunning ocean views and ice cold a/c all over! Each of our condominiums stand throughout Maui's top lodges, wherein sandy beaches, heated pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, shuffleboard, and a lot more just a few steps away. Our choices of Maui vacation rentals are based near to the very best restaurants and activities the island has to offer. When you book with Knowles Maui, you will not be dissatisfied! Contact Information Main Phone: (808) 201-2129 Mobile #: (970) 672-7097 [email protected] 2679 Wai Wai Pl #401 Kihei HI 96753 United States