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Debate by Mind Map: Debate

1. How

1.1. The ruls of a debate is :

1.1.1. First the pro part start presenting their opinion and arguments

1.1.2. second the con part presenting they opinion

1.1.3. then the pro part will develop rebutal against the other proposition

2. When

2.1. a famous debate appen in 1948 the topic was the gods existe or not

2.2. there are debates since very long time

2.3. debates happen for élections, also as part of studies

3. What

3.1. Debate is a formal disagreement

3.2. In a debate there are two parts

3.2.1. pro : proprsition

3.2.2. con : opposition

4. Why

4.1. Debate is helping to develop critical thinking

4.2. to also helping to develop presentaision skills

5. Where

5.1. A debate can append evrywhere