limitations and constrains in marketing

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limitations and constrains in marketing by Mind Map: limitations and constrains in marketing

1. Legal

1.1. Consumer protection from unfair trading 2008

1.1.1. The brand and the employees must treat the consumer fairly For example; the brand and the employees must always treat the customer with respect, even if you have to help a terrible customer, because as you hear in every store 'the customer is king'.

1.2. Sale of goods 1979

1.2.1. The brand has to say and describe there product right. Everything that they describe or say about the product has to be true. For example; the brand must describe all its products as they are, so that there are no misunderstandings. Imagine buying a pink shirt because it is described and you get a yellow shirt inside. Such things may not happen.

1.3. Consumer credit acts 1974 and 2006

1.3.1. This law applies to companies that give out loans of goods which aren't pay for yet. These business should give regular updates on payments the customer has to do. For example; For example; the customer has purchased a product that he / she will have to pay later, the company must then send updates about when the customer has to pay the product. This can be done by email or SMS.

1.4. Consumer protection (distance selling) regulations 2000

1.4.1. Distance selling: no face-to-face contact (e-commerce/e-mail). Business have to provide clear information towards the customers about their purchases. For example; If you as a customer buys a product online, the web store must keep you well informed about certain things such as whether the products are still in stock, how long it will take before your package is delivered, ordered for a certain time the next day it's delivered etc. That's the way you keep the customer informed and they will be satisfied with the service and they will maybe order something again.

2. Voluntary

2.1. Pressure groups

2.1.1. Pressure groups are groups that want to change a company or government with the help of groups pressure. For example; the target group of a brand is for the elderly, but the young people also want clothes from that brand. the young people put pressure on the brand so that they also produce clothing for young people.

2.2. Acceptable language

2.2.1. The way of advertising the products or brand with a acceptable language. Which in words can a company use in a advertisement and which words do not? The ASA has identified the keys areas. For example; the brand must use a certain way of language to ensure that everything is neatly transferred to the customers. it would of course be strange if a brand places an advertisement in which they speak for example with street language. That could not come across properly on certain customers and that way you can also lose them. For such reasons, a brand must pay attention to what language they use.