METS Grades 9-12

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METS Grades 9-12 by Mind Map: METS Grades 9-12

1. Students will speak in character and attempt to represent a person from history.

2. 9-12.CT.1. use digital resources (e.g., educational software, simulations, models) for problem solving and independent learning

2.1. Example: Students will take on a character in the Jewish Court of All Time and attempt to problem solve world issues.

3. Students can also use this feature to contact pen pals.

4. 9-12.TC.4. describe uses of various existing or emerging technology resources (e.g., podcasting, webcasting, videoconferencing, , online file sharing, global positioning software)

4.1. Example: Students will use the Skype online video feature to make calls to other students.

5. Example: Students will use the Easy Bib website to create their own works cited page.

6. Students will list at least three sources in a persuasive speech and will use the proper formating for parenthetical documentation.

7. 9-12.DC.5. create appropriate citations for resources when presenting research findings

8. Students will use Survey Monkey to ask a series of questions to their student body-all questions will be anonymous.

8.1. Data will be complied thorough the Survey Monkey tool and will be analyzed by students.

9. 9-12.RI.1. develop a plan to gather information using various research strategies (e.g., interviews, questionnaires, experiments, online surveys)

10. Students will use information, photos, video clips etc. to enhance their presentation.

10.1. 9-12.CI.3. Activity: use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present projects (e.g., newsletters, websites, presentations, photo galleries)

11. Example: Students in Foreign Language class will be assigned to e-mail a pen pal .

11.1. Students will e-mail pen pals only in the target language on a specific topic.

12. Example: Students will design a presentation using the Prezi presentation website.

13. 9-12.CC. Communication and Collaboration

14. Rachel Worthing

15. 9-12.RI. Research and Information Literacy

16. 9-12.CI. Creativity and Innovation

17. 9-12.CC.2. use available technologies (e.g., desktop conferencing, e-mail, videoconferencing, instant messaging) to communicate with others on a class assignment or project.

18. 9-12.CT. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

19. 9-12.DC. Digital Citizenship

20. 9-12.TC. Technology Operations and Concepts