3.0 Products & Services

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3.0 Products & Services by Mind Map: 3.0 Products & Services

1. Dashboard

1.1. Dashboard

1.1.1. Homepage Onboarding Support level based on tier Coming Soon Post Onboarding Recommendation widgets Learning tasks

1.1.2. Properties Automated MLS Sync Ongoing data syncronization Configurable field mapping Coming Soon Property updates notification schema Dynamic property ads Dashboard / in-app property activity alerts MLS Sync per Agent

1.1.3. Leads Lead Tracking Export csv file Track lead sources Log contact info Automated email campaigns Coming Soon Lead activity and updates Lead profile In-app Messaging - Lead to Agent, Agent to Lead

1.1.4. Settings Create Account Users Cap at # of users with paid package and upsell for additional "admin" seats?

1.1.5. Site Content Media Gallery UnSplash Integration - free stock images Content publishing Real time publishing and dynamically updated content

1.2. MLS Search

1.2.1. New RESafari Search Portal WolfNet integration More robust data to standardize property data in our system for better search experience and access to more listings on load New templated design and UX MLS Search, Detail, and My Account pages will be used across all client website designs No editing required - pulls branding and contact elements from Agent Website Browse listings from a Preview page without losing search criteria and place Consumer features New My Account page that will be used across all pages of the website Property messages associated to property addresses and displayed in the user's My Account pages Automated email campaigns Agents image shown as point of contact for all MLS listings through the search

1.2.2. Coming Soon Features Agent Tools Market comparables reports Accounts curated for seller clients Track lead activity - actions, views, session times Standalone (Self Sign Up) MLS Tool Self sign up from corp site Automated billing Self serve onboarding/account set up Self serve website creation and build Concierge support

1.3. Page Builder

1.3.1. Agent Website Site build Content creation Dynamic content Customizations

1.3.2. Lead Pages Performance built lead page templates e-Book download Coming soon property Open house property MLS area Home valuation Page build Content creation Customizations Request Marketing services

1.3.3. Property Websites Performance built property website templates Site build Content creation Dynamic content Customizations

1.3.4. Page Builder - Add-Ons & Customizations Customizations Custom page (Eng needed) Custom element (Eng needed) Add-Ons Lead capture elements Formats Other

1.4. Marketing

1.4.1. SEO Essentials Request Marketing consultation Large Marketing package Social Creative Content

1.4.2. Ad Campaigns Forms Objective based campaign manager Objective Channel Budget Creative Audience

1.5. Reporting