Four Potential Roles of Human Resources

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Four Potential Roles of Human Resources by Mind Map: Four Potential Roles of Human Resources

1. Strategic Partnership

1.1. Jobs opened up

1.1.1. Fill it

1.2. Absenteeism is on the rise

1.2.1. Discipline it

1.3. A complaint is filed

1.3.1. Defend it

2. Compliance Enforcer

2.1. keep track of all changes in the state, federal and local laws.

2.2. taking preventative measures to mitigate the effect of employee complaints

2.3. enforce and develop internal or corporate policies are subsets of this risk management role.

3. Employee Advocate

3.1. direct contradiction to serving as the management advocate.

3.2. fosters trust and credibility in the relationship.

4. Management Advocate

4.1. Management policies

4.1.1. the buffer between policies and employee

4.2. communicating and interpreting management dicta

4.2.1. training and education