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Past Progressive by Mind Map: Past Progressive

1. Functions

1.1. Describe actions in the past.

1.1.1. I was eating when my dog barked.

1.2. To describe an activity or event in progress over a period of time in the past.

1.2.1. What was happening during the part?

1.3. To describe background activities.

1.3.1. David was developing a cure for cancer.

2. Time Clauses

2.1. To describe an ongoing action

2.1.1. While, When

2.1.2. While Mercedes was smiling her boyfriend kissed her.

3. Structure

3.1. Affirmative

3.1.1. S+Verb To Be+ (verb+ing)+C.

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. S+Verb To Be+Not+ (verb+ing)+C.

3.3. Interrogative

3.3.1. Verb To Be+S+ (verb+ing)+C+?