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Zheng He by Mind Map: Zheng He

1. Where did he travel?

1.1. Zheng He traveled through Indian Ocean, Africa, Arabian Ocean, and the South China Sea.

1.1.1. Zheng He's voyages were from 1405-1433.

2. What was he known for?

2.1. Zheng He was known for his seven voyages.

2.1.1. He was also known for expanding China's influence on the world.

3. Why was he traveling?

3.1. Zheng He was traveling because he was looking to explore China.

3.1.1. The first voyage took place in July of 1405 and ended in 1407.

4. What inventions did he use?

4.1. One of the inventions he used is ship building.

4.1.1. Another invention he used is navagation.

5. 3 more interesting facts

5.1. During Zheng He's first voyage he had 27,800 crew men.

5.1.1. Zheng He was born in 1371 in China. His mothers name is Wen and his fatherss name is Haji Ma. Zheng He's original name is Ma He.

6. What dynasty is he apart of?

6.1. Zheng He was apart of the Ming dynasty.

6.1.1. Zheng He's family is Muslim.

7. Why are his adventures so important?

7.1. His adventures are so important because ship building would help them be able to carry the stuff they are going to trade; and it would also help them get to place to place.

7.1.1. Navagation would be helpful to the ships so that it could help the ships go in the right direction.