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Cerebrum by Mind Map: Cerebrum

1. 2 hemispheres

1.1. separated by Longitudinal Fissure (partially), in front & back (complete)

1.2. connected by Corpus Callosum

1.3. Lobes

1.3.1. 4 superficial Frontal Parietal Temporal Occipital

1.3.2. 2 central Insula (hidden-seen by seperating 2 lips of lateral sulcus) Limbic lobes (seen on medial surface)

1.4. 3 Poles

1.4.1. Frontal

1.4.2. Temporal

1.4.3. Occipital

1.5. 3 Surfaces

1.5.1. Supero-lateral Lobes Frontal Parietal Temporal Occipital

1.5.2. Medial parieto-occipital sulcus seperates Corpus Callosum (prominent) Septum pellucidum attached under its surface Parts (ant. to post.) Seperated from each side of central sulcus above cingulated sulcus paracentral lobules( Areas 4 & 3,1,2

1.5.3. Inferior smaller, ant portion represent orbital surace of frntal lobe rectus sulcus larger portion represent inf. surface of temporal & occipital lobes transversed by 2 anterior-posterior sulci

1.6. 3 Borders

1.6.1. Superior

1.6.2. Inferior-lateral

1.6.3. Infero-medial

1.7. Matter

1.7.1. Outer Gray Matter CORTEX Gyri (elevations) Sulci (grooves)

1.7.2. Inner White Matter embedded deep nuclear masses ( basal ganglia & diencephalon) Commiissures connect corresponding gyri of 2 hemisperes Projection tracts (Fibers) connect more or less vertically Assc. tracts (fibers) Connect one gyrus to another in same hemisphere

2. Folds - Gyrus

2.1. seperated by fissures - sulcus