Roosevelt and the New Deal

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Roosevelt and the New Deal by Mind Map: Roosevelt and the New Deal

1. Finance and Economy

1.1. Budget

1.1.1. Cut pay of Government employees by 15% Borrowed Money to finance New Deal Did not spend more than gathered in taxes

1.2. Bankruptcy

1.2.1. Farm Loan Act and Bankruptcy Act = prevention of foreclosures Home Loan Act and the Home Owners Loan= allowed people to keep homes

1.3. Prices and Wages

1.3.1. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)= paid farmer to take fields out of production NRA= promised to cut production and pay good wages abolished child labour

1.4. Currency

1.4.1. Stop ppl owning gold gold given to Gov. from bank increase price of gold

2. Relief

2.1. FERA

2.1.1. Federal Emergency Relief Administration= state organized payments to unemployed/ homeless

2.2. CCC

2.2.1. Civilian Conservation Corps= gave unemployed jobs and planted trees

2.3. WPA

2.3.1. Works Progress Administration= projects that provided work for unemployed

2.4. TVA

2.4.1. Tennessee Valley Authority= built dams to stop flooding, provided cheap electricity

3. Recovery

3.1. Abolish Prohibition

3.1.1. increased Gov. revenues

3.2. Fireside Chats

3.2.1. everyone got replies to letter that got sent to him

3.3. Bank Holiday

3.3.1. Emerging Bank Act= closed back for four days, reopened w backing of federal reserve

3.4. Stock Exchange

3.4.1. introduced rules to prevent another crash in market

4. Reform

4.1. National Labour Relations Act

4.1.1. replaced banned NRA, protect workers rights, set up NLRB

4.2. Soil Conservation Act

4.2.1. Replaced banned NRA, allowed continual subsidizing of farms

4.3. Social Security Act

4.3.1. set up pensions, help to ppl w disabilities, help to needy children, system of unemployment insurance, first social welfare system

4.4. National Housing Act

4.4.1. Provided loans to but houses, reduce large rents

4.5. Fair Labour Standards Act

4.5.1. set conditions and hours for work, fixed wages