US History 2 lessons I've learned

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US History 2 lessons I've learned by Mind Map: US History 2 lessons I've learned

1. when the us is involved in world war affairs to a large extent, it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out

2. ***civil rights*** to what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

2.1. Americans did nothing to save the Jews

2.2. JFK and LBJ helped to pass civil right laws

2.3. Martin Luther King believed in the non-violent movement and this is still being used today. His views helped to pass Civil Right Act.

2.4. Malcolm X: believes that blacks should be separated from whites, there are still people today that think this was.

2.5. JFK: The drama of the Civil Right movement was so intense that he could not avoid it.

3. ***technology*** how does technology impact society?

3.1. things like the refrigerator, jukebox, and vacuum were created

3.2. impacts the ways wars are fought

3.3. TV: Technology can have an impact on the type of candidate for President.

4. ***media*** to what extent does the media influence people? to what extent does media mirror or reflect society?

4.1. JFK used television a lot to address the country. This made him very popular with the public. This taught politicians to use TV to your advantage.

4.2. Vietnam war again: television. American soldiers went and killed Vietnamese woman and children and the people would watch this happen

5. ***foreign relations*** how have foreign entanglements influence america?

5.1. world war 1

5.1.1. forming allies can draw countries into a broader conflict

5.2. the world didn't learn anything because ww2 has the same causes as ww1

5.3. Cold War: We learned that NATO was a good group to join to stop communism. It helped protect us and other members

5.4. vietnam war yet again: north vietnam took over the south when the american soldiers left the hill

6. ***economics*** how has economics impacted america and Americans?

6.1. Great Depression

6.1.1. when the new deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased

6.1.2. people were taking out loans from the bank

6.2. women + African Americans can do a lot to help the country

6.3. the great society helped people with welfare, poverty, reduce crimes, and make peoples' lives better

7. ***migration*** what causes migration and how has it impacted america?

7.1. Jews tried to flee Germany but because the immigration process was so hard few succeeded

8. ***leaders & presidents*** what makes an effective or ineffective leader?

8.1. the FDR started the new deal which helped Americans to work and take care of their families.

8.2. the Americans learned that new technology can either help or harm the situation

8.3. JFK: prevented the Cuban Missile Crisis from happening

8.4. LBJ: put together the great society to help the poor.

9. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

9.1. Prohibition

9.2. government lost control of alcohol

9.3. the government started giving Americans jobs

9.4. Cold War : House UnAmerican Activities Committee tried to accuse people of being communist. We learned that we should not accuse people of things without proof.

9.5. Great Society: when the government creates large social programs and cuts taxes, government debt will increase

9.6. Vietnam war: the government lied to the American people. it caused an outrage and Americans didn't trust them