Sumble's MindMap

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Sumble's MindMap by Mind Map: Sumble's MindMap

1. Born and raised in NYC

1.1. Currently reside in Houston, TX

1.2. My sister and parents still live there

1.3. hated giving up my NY drivers license for a Texas one

2. Studied Accounting

2.1. Worked for public accounting and financial services firms

2.2. Moved to a hedge fund in financial reporting

2.3. Now work for a private equity firm

3. Love to travel

3.1. New Zealand is next on the bucket list

3.2. Currently posting this from Australia!

3.3. Plan on using my Houston location to explore Suth America.

4. Love Crossfit!

4.1. My cooking skills are limited

4.2. Dessert is the best meal of the day

4.3. I work out so I can eat :)

5. Life goal is to learn to swim

5.1. I have tried twice

5.2. I have the strokes down

5.3. A life jacket is always better