Principles of Australia's legal system

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Principles of Australia's legal system by Mind Map: Principles of Australia's legal system

1. History

1.1. Browsers

1.1.1. The first search engine was launched all the way back in 1990. It was called Archie

1.1.2. Google was not launched until 1998

1.1.3. Search engines now use algorithms to get the best and most relevant results

2. Being Safe

2.1. While searching

2.1.1. At school there are website blockers that filter out inappropriate sites, but at home you might not have the same restrictions Ask you parents if they have restrictions installed If they don't, you can used safe search sites that automatically filter inappropriate sites Kiddle Safe Search Kids (Google safe search)

2.1.2. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, minimise the screen and tell a trusted adult

2.1.3. Avoid clicking on pop ups and adverstisements

2.1.4. Double check something before you download it, it could be dangerous Use the C.R.A.P test. Can you trust the website?

2.2. While on social networks

2.2.1. Do not give out personal information

2.2.2. Do not talk to people you do not know

2.2.3. Never agree to meet someone that you've met online

2.2.4. Keep your password to yourself Do not even share it with friends

2.2.5. If you receive or see an inappropriate message, tell a trusted adult immediately

2.2.6. Make sure you have good privacy settings Facebook: only friends can see your posts Instagram: have your profile on private so only people you accept can see your posts Snapchat: only friends can contact me and SnapMaps turned off

3. The rule of law

3.1. 1. Choose a browser

3.1.1. An application installed on your computer or smartphone that can access the internet Google Chrome Safari Firefox

3.2. 2. Choose a search engine

3.2.1. A tool that resides in your browser that is used to search for information on the internet Google Bing Yahoo

3.3. 3. Type in your search

3.3.1. Techniques Use only important/key words Use quotation marks around phrases to get that exact result in your search Put "define" in front of a word to get the definition Not getting what you're looking for? Try the Advanced search page

3.4. 3. Evaluate the results

3.4.1. C.R.A.P Currency When was it published? Is the information up to date? Relevancy Does the content relate to what you are looking for? Authority Who is the author? Are they credible? Purpose Why did the author write this? Is it bias? Are both sides of the argument discussed? What is the domain?

3.5. Cite the information for later

3.5.1. If you are researching information for an assignment, you may be asked for a list of references used

4. Domains

4.1. .edu

4.1.1. Education Used by educational institutions (

4.2. .org

4.2.1. Organisation Used by non-profit and non-commercial organisations (

4.3. .com

4.3.1. Commerical Used initially just by commercial entities but then later opened for general purposes (