Review a language policy

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Review a language policy by Mind Map: Review a language policy

1. Ideas, examples or quotes that reflect a deeper understanding of capabilities:

1.1. Capability: Undertake personal inquiry, reflection and action to inform their practice- identify their own professional learning needs and engage in relevant development experiences.

1.1.1. School's language demographics are explored in details

1.1.2. Rationale of the review process is explored and communicated

1.2. Capability: Design inquiries using local and global context- design curriculum that reflects the heritages, languages and cultures of students and other members of the learning community

1.2.1. Inclusion of many languages and backgrounds is important

1.3. Capability: Design inquiries using local and global context- promote student reflection and action in response to their learning.

1.3.1. We will encourage classes to create language goals and essential agreements of language use in and outside the classrooms

1.4. Capability: build and maintain collaborative relationships- negotiate ideas and understandings with colleagues and other members of the learning community

1.4.1. A steering committee is formed to ensure all stakeholders are represented in the process

1.5. Capability: build and maintain collaborative relationships-provide opportunities for student collaboration.

1.5.1. Student's feedback is collected using sentence starters from "ladder of feedback"

1.5.2. Round table discussion with students to collect their views

1.5.3. Students are nominated by teachers based on their language background and English proficiency

1.6. Capability: Foster supportive environments that remove barriers to learning- make thoughtful use of resources—time, people, places, spaces and physical materials—to develop flexible and diverse approaches to learning and teaching

1.6.1. Seeking parental and wider community support with after school home language programmes

2. Specific aspects of the PYP this is supporting:

2.1. Learner agency: student's voice is involved when reviewing the language policy

2.2. Collaboration within and beyond the learning community: A shared commitment demonstrated by a steering commitee consisting of representatives from different stakeholders

2.3. Fostering the development of international mindedness: ensuring needs are addressed for students from various language backgrounds

2.4. Student language profiles are explored

2.5. Becoming a multilingual learning community: inclusion of many languages and backgrounds of students and parents