Client Structure

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Client Structure by Mind Map: Client Structure

1. My Events

1.1. Short Info

1.2. Link to preview and editor

2. Account

2.1. Account Data

3. Editor

3.1. Edit Content

3.1.1. Cover Cover page view Edit cover page data about cover page

3.1.2. Welcome!!! Welcome page view Welcome page editor Photos Text

3.1.3. Events events page view Add event Event Editor Event list event info edit event short event info edit RSVP add content content info

3.1.4. Presentes presents page view link to shop add content text content photo contnet etc. content list view

3.1.5. Key People key people page view manage groups person view add person

3.1.6. Travel travel page view edit section photo add content content data photos video etc...

3.1.7. Hotels The same structure like in Travel

3.1.8. Countdown countdown page view events choose

3.1.9. Our App out app view link to app store or google play

3.1.10. All Sections list of available sections enable/disable section

3.2. Dashboard

3.2.1. Dashboard data

3.3. Settings

3.3.1. Access and permissions

3.3.2. Notification and alerts

3.3.3. Sub-event settings

3.3.4. website search

3.3.5. domain

3.4. Design

3.4.1. Change design over 500 units apply different colors per each design design by style design by designers luxury design

3.4.2. Monograms List of available monograms Edit monogram

3.5. Guest list

3.5.1. guest list page view

3.5.2. guest search

3.5.3. guest search by filters

3.5.4. add guest guest data

3.5.5. delete guest

3.5.6. update guest

3.5.7. guest ordering

3.5.8. guest grouping

3.5.9. guest subscription on evetns

3.5.10. view login info about guest

3.5.11. import/export a list

3.6. RSVP

3.6.1. rsvp page view

3.6.2. export

3.6.3. different views by filters

3.7. Email

3.7.1. Email Guests list of email templates email editor email send

3.7.2. Email Stats

3.8. Appy Cards

3.8.1. Appy Cards List Add new appy card page view add photos add videos card view rsvp button/date app links

3.8.2. Appy cards page view

3.9. Help/Support

3.9.1. Help/Support page view

4. Site Preview

5. App Preivew

6. Appy card preview

7. Social network integration