Project Management

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Project Management by Mind Map: Project Management

1. Quality

1.1. determine quality policies, objectives and responsibilities so that the project will satisfy the needs for which it undertaken

1.2. ensure the project meet the needs

2. Scope

2.1. ensure the projects includes all work required to complete the project successfully

2.2. controlling the work to stay within the scope

3. Cost

3.1. planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, monitoring, and controlling of the cost to enable the project to be completed within the approved budget.

4. Time

4.1. manage the timely completion of the project

4.2. estimating a reasonable completion date

4.3. developing a workable project schedule

5. Communication

5.1. ensure timely and appropriate planning

5.2. monitoring and disposition of project planning

6. Risk

6.1. identify and assess risks

6.2. plan responses

7. Procurement

7.1. acquiring goods and services for the project

7.2. make or buy decision

8. Project Integration

8.1. identify, define, combine and unify activities

8.2. assimilation of all 8 other project management knowledge areas

9. Human Resource

9.1. make the most effective use of the people

9.2. organize, manage and lead the project team