Information culture: Pre and Post internet

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Information culture: Pre and Post internet by Mind Map: Information culture: Pre and Post internet

1. community

1.1. Notice boards

1.1.1. Useful information about community

1.1.2. Anyone could contribute

1.1.3. Informed community

1.1.4. Advertisement of services

1.2. Public Libraries

1.2.1. Limited selection and limited access as one did not OWN a book the library did

1.2.2. place you anyone can go to get information

2. Channels of information

2.1. Offical

2.1.1. the news Cable news newpapers Internet articles

2.1.2. Direct from buinesses Staff Public service announcements Radio

2.1.3. Mail from the government from companies and businesses Advetisements

2.2. unoffical

2.2.1. anonymous opinions

2.2.2. word of mouth storytelling Anecdotal

2.2.3. Anything that does not come from a "respected organization"

2.2.4. Independant research

3. Tools

3.1. Books (Informative tools)

3.1.1. Physical limited to the amount if physical space available to store books

3.1.2. Official channel of information

3.1.3. Tutorials/guides

3.2. The Whole earth catalog

3.2.1. delivered a VAST collection of tools and information on where to get them all over the country wanted to become a tool that help communities help themselves wildly popular in the 70's attracted attention of big companies cheap and afforable encouraged readers to contribute published articles from anyone sharing their tools of knowledge received contribution from respected thinkers and Plain janes alike

3.2.2. Their slogan was "access to tools"

3.2.3. Started as mobile van evolved into a catalog/magazine Inspired the likes of steve jobs, the founders of google and kevin kelly

3.3. The internet

3.3.1. Video Sites (Ie; youtube) tutorials guides broadcast entertainment self made entertainment

3.3.2. Blogs gave individuals publishing power could be about anything someone cared enough to write about

3.3.3. Google gave users near instant access to the all of the information published on the internet organized information efficently

3.3.4. social media created a virtual community where people can blog and share photos thoughts feelings and information about their lives with their friends and the public

4. Accessibilty

4.1. after the W.E.C and the internet, people started thinking about information as a right and a tool

4.1.1. Removed power and control from the government and corporations *to a certain extent

4.1.2. created an empowered and informed global community

4.2. Information: One click away

4.2.1. Convenient

4.2.2. Free (for the most part)

4.2.3. gives someone the power to learn something on their own for *free

4.2.4. Full actualized Whole earth catalogs mission

4.2.5. has posed new questions for governments to overcome can be abused / used to do illigal things