Thermodynamic Modelling of Organic Rankine Cycle

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Thermodynamic Modelling of Organic Rankine Cycle by Mind Map: Thermodynamic Modelling of Organic Rankine Cycle

1. Autumn Semester Oct-Dec

2. Aim of project: Understand how Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) works and how to improve its efficiency

3. Objectives:

3.1. 1. Research what the ORC is and how it is used in industry.

3.2. 2. Create a thermodynamic model of the ORC.

3.3. 3. Use EES to analyse the different working fluids and heating sources including refrigerants.

3.4. 4. Use EES to calculate and record findings.

3.5. 5. Carry out experiments in the laboratory to support hypothesis.

4. Create a Project Diary

4.1. Meet up weekly with my supervisor (Prof Hao Liu).

4.2. Download Engineering Equation Solver (EES) software onto my laptop.

4.3. Create weekly plans for managing work.

5. Interim Report

5.1. 1. Title Page

5.2. 2. Abstract/Summary

5.3. 3. Main Body (introduction, literature review, preliminary results, discussion/analysis of results, conclusions, recommendations for future work, summary of remaining work, references)

6. Antonino Coste

7. Final Report

7.1. 1. Cover Page

7.2. 2. Preface

7.3. 3. Main Body

7.4. 4. Appendices