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1. The Colourful Thought Box

1.1. a person writes whatever is on their mind in that moment, using a colour to indicate which emotion is attached to that feeling, then drop it in the box

1.2. get people to express how they feel by writing it down.

1.2.1. Completely anonymous Leads to a clear mind Better concentration during lessons Lessened effect of emotional outburst

2. Skit of Emotional Distress

2.1. show how emotional distress effects many individuals

2.2. see the initial start of the emotional distress, then leading to the symptoms of a distress, then finally the outburst. It then carries over to the relationships affected from this, and then seeking the required help needed

2.2.1. recognize the symptoms in self and others

2.2.2. Break the stigma around getting professional psychiatry help

2.2.3. Seeing Emotional Distress from a different perspective where it is easier to recognize

3. Open Discussions

3.1. Learning to openly discuss one’s feelings about their worries/anger

3.1.1. discuss ways to deal with problems with others who may have gone through the same trouble Support Groups Class discussion Can work with Thought Box

3.2. Speaking about it, is the first step to overcoming emotional distress.

3.2.1. openly discuss feelings in a comfortable surrounding Family meetings to discuss feelings

4. Social Change

4.1. Learn to express emotions in an effective manner

4.2. Prevents Social Change

4.2.1. Stereotypes

4.2.2. Stigma over Mental Health