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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Obstacles

1.1. differing definitions of "formative" assessments can muddy the waters

1.2. differing expectations of administration can complicate teachers' uses of formative assessments.

1.3. "Learning is just too unpredictable for us to ever guarantee that learning will take place on a particular occasion.

1.4. many students are dependent learners

1.5. teachers need to release more control of learning to students

2. Opportunities

2.1. assessment objectives are communicated clearly before tasks are assessed

2.2. help make students independent learners

3. Definition

3.1. Summative

3.1.1. the chance for students to "show what they know" in a definitive manner.

3.2. Formative

3.2.1. activities undertake by teachers & students to provide feedback to inform instruction

3.2.2. a process - room for growth and learning

3.2.3. provides feedback to students

3.2.4. helps students own their learning

3.2.5. helps students teach themselves