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Open GUCK game by Mind Map: Open GUCK game

1. Give backstory of the world, start with MC on the colony debriefing with his coworkers for the mission to Earth. Arrive on earth.

1.1. Enter abandoned research lab.

1.1.1. Collect sample of GUCK Send sample back to Earth Keep sample

2. Big GUCKS appears

2.1. Run

2.1.1. Back to Level 2 Lock door Escape outside onto ship Don't Lock Door BAD END

2.2. Hide

2.2.1. BAD END

2.3. Fight

2.3.1. BAD END

3. Go to Room 2

3.1. Try to open door again

3.1.1. Unlocked Find Daniel's ring Find Documents 2/5

4. Select "Start"

5. Continue exploring

5.1. Level 1

5.1.1. Explore

5.1.2. Change Levels

5.2. Level 2

5.2.1. Explore Room 1 Find No Documents Find Keycard Turn on generator Use on Level 3 door Room 2 Find Documents (1/5)

6. Escape

6.1. Change Levels

6.1.1. Explore Level 4 Find No Documents Room 1 Find Documents 3/5 Change Levels Explore Level 5

6.2. Continue to explore Level 3

7. Ending 3: Team dies saving Earth, and saves the colony as well

8. Ending 4: Team dies without saving Earth, but the colony is safe.

9. Return to level 1

9.1. show Daniel

10. Ending 2: Team dies without saving Earth, and the sample sent to the colony infects and takes them over.

11. Ending 1: Team dies saving earth, but the colony is infected