the nervous system

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the nervous system by Mind Map: the nervous system

1. purpose:

1.1. coordinates all activities of the body, enables the body to respond and adapt to changes both inside and out

2. central nervous system

2.1. brain

2.1.1. cerebrum right hemisphere left hemisphere four lobes frontal pariental temporal occpital

2.1.2. cerebellum responsible muscle coordination balance posture muscle tone

2.1.3. diencephalon thalamus sensory impulses to the cerebrum hypothalamus controls and regulates temperatures, appetite, water balance,sleep and blood vessel constriction and dilation

2.1.4. midbrain responsible eyes and auditory reflexes

2.1.5. pons responsible certain reflex actions

2.1.6. medulla oblongata connects to the spinal cords regulates heart and blood vessel functions digestion respiration swallowing coughing sneezing blood pressure

2.2. spinal cord

2.2.1. link between the brain and the nerves in the rest of the body

2.2.2. 4 regions cervical thoracic lumbar spinal nerves

2.2.3. afferent body to the brain

2.2.4. efferent brain to the body

3. peripheral nervous system

3.1. somatic

3.1.1. motor and sensory organs and skeletal muscles efferent motor system conducting outward afferent sensory neurons conducting inward

3.2. autonomic

3.2.1. symphatetic nervous system revs up the body

3.2.2. parasymphatetic nervous system bring all the systems back to normal