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Problem by Mind Map: Problem

1. Method selection

2. A dairy spread manufacturer wishes to determine whether a newly formulated spread is as 'spreadable' as its market rival.

3. A not A-test- Not used as it is only to identify which product is which.

4. Duo trio- Not going to use as there is a minimum of 20 panellist's needed.

5. Triangle Test- minimum 20 panelists. Only 10 available will not use.

6. Paired comparison- Minimum of 30 panelists cannot use.

7. Simple difference test- Up to 200 panelists. Too big

8. 2/5 test-fits criteria well. Used to find if differences result from change in ingredients. Also used to find a difference between 2 products. Little sensory fatigue with spreadability. 10 panelists used.

9. Panel setup

10. 10 panelists trained to test spreadability of product. Outsource to recruitment agency to find panelist for test. 5 male and 5 female needed (difference in both age and ethnicity)

11. Experimental Design

12. All 10 panelists perform at the same time. ( 11 o' clock- when panelists are not too tired and hungry).

13. 5 samples, with 1 knife per sample (total 50). As the knife would contain other samples.

14. Weigh sample to make sure all are the same size.

15. Use digestive to spread product. As the biscuit is flat and consistent texture to spread on.

16. Design of the room

17. Temperature Constant , 20-22 degrees, humidity 50-55%

18. Odour- No strong odour, Air conditioned

19. Decoration -Neutral

20. Lighting Uniform , Even, Shadow Free, Controllable

21. Testing Booths - Adjacent to prep room, Hatches Sliding door, Numbered

22. Preparation Area- Beside Test Area, Good odour extraction, Well designed kitchen area

23. Results - Forced Choice option, Count replies and refer to stats Table

24. Presentation Order- Give 5 samples , with 3 of 1 and 2 of the other, so that an equal amount of each sample is tested