Educational Goals for this year

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Educational Goals for this year by Mind Map: Educational Goals for this year

1. CCS112 Success Strategies for Military and Veterans (current)

1.1. This course will meet my lower level requirement that I am missing.

1.1.1. Currently enrolled and taking this course.

2. BIO300 Advanced Investigations in Biology (next)

2.1. This is my next course that I am signed up for. This course will meet my requirement for Natural Sciences it will also meet my requirement for upper level science.

2.1.1. I need to ensure that my tuition assistance gets approved by my command approval person. This needs to be completed 14 day prior to the start of the course.

3. CJ256 Criminal Justice Administration

3.1. This course is a requirement to complete my degree.

3.1.1. Currently Scheduled on my MAPlanner. Need to submit for my tuition assistance during the next semester.

4. CJ410 Research Methods in Criminal Justice

4.1. This course is a requirement to complete my degree.

4.1.1. Currently scheduled on my MAPlanner

5. CJ498 Criminal Justice Capstone

5.1. This course in the final requirement for my Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

6. Tools and resources to utilize in order for me to obtain my degree.

6.1. Bookstore

6.1.1. Location where I can purchase my books for my upcoming classes. I truly like the ability to shop when I want to, reasonable prices, the ability to purchase used and online books. Not to mention the book buy back program. This will help me in any future courses that I need to take.

6.2. Career Center

6.2.1. Portal to help keep my on track to completing my degree for a competitive job market. The career center will help me stay on the right path and give me options for after retirement once I have my degree.

6.3. Library

6.3.1. Portal to locate any needed research material that I will need along the way. I also like that there are staff member on duty to assist me at anytime.