Big Ideas in Organisations

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Big Ideas in Organisations by Mind Map: Big Ideas in Organisations

1. Innovation

1.1. Critical Element for success

1.2. Progress

1.3. Continual Improvement

1.4. Establish & Maintain Competitive advantage

1.5. Encourage Participation

1.5.1. Rewards scheme

1.5.2. Explain the importance of innovation with the organisation

1.5.3. Embed within the organisations mission statement and vision

1.5.4. Interview process to include innovation within

1.5.5. Innovation workshops

1.6. Fresh ideas

1.6.1. New products

1.6.2. Driving the market into the future

1.6.3. Collective Thinking

1.6.4. Development across various organisational units

1.6.5. Holistic View Joined up thinking

1.6.6. Ranking ideas on merit Potential increase in profitability Panel to assess ideas Screening Potential Safety/Environmental improvements Feedback to individuals

1.7. Business Functions

1.7.1. Operations Management New supply chains New Manufacturing techniques

1.7.2. Marketing New Strategy New platforms New outlets

1.7.3. Accounting and finance New Budgeting methods New financing options

1.7.4. Human Resource Management Encourage participation Develop rewards scheme Collate feedback/review the process to make it easy to participate

2. big topic 1