Historical Roots of the War on Terror

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Historical Roots of the War on Terror by Mind Map: Historical Roots of the War on Terror

1. People

1.1. Caliphate-The leader or ruler of something

1.2. Muhammad Ahmad- Fought against the Ottoman Empire, became the ruler of modern Sudan

1.3. Young Turks-Nationalist party that wanted to do away with Ottoman absolute Monarchy and replace it with a constitutional government

1.4. Shah Waliullah- Islamic scholar who sought to reignite Islam in India

1.4.1. Muhammad Ibn Ab Al-Wahhab- theologian and religious leader that wished people to return to the "true" principles of Islam Muslim Brotherhood-wanted to bring back the idea that the Quran is the sole reference point for life

1.5. House of Saud- Ruling family of Saudi Arabia since 1744

1.5.1. Ikhwan- Saudi Arabia militia

1.6. Rashid Ali Al-Gaylani- Served as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Iraq

2. Places

2.1. Baghdad- Capital of Iraq

2.2. Persian Corridor- Supply chain route through Iran to the Soviet Azerbaijan

3. Ideas

3.1. Islamic Civilization- The spread of Islam brought about a culture within the areas that adopted the practices.

3.2. Petrodollars- currency that one receives from the exportation of petrolium

3.3. Pure Monotheism- The idea that there is only one God that is all powerful

4. Battles

4.1. Arab conquest of the Levant-The period of time when Arab was taking over what is now northern Saudi Arabia(early 600's)

4.1.1. Arab conquest of North Africa- Happened after the conquest of Levant

4.1.2. 1945 French bombing of Damascus- after WWI Levant was supposed to gain independence but WWII prevented that. Syria rebelled and France started bombing suspected areas of resistance

4.2. Saracen raids of Italy-Muslim raids Into Italy

4.2.1. Italo-Turkish War- war in 1911 that ended in Italy taking control of part of the Ottoman Empire

4.3. Battle of tours- defining battle that prevented Muslims from entering western Europe

4.4. Emirate of Cordoba-the small piece of Spain Muslims were able to conquer

4.5. Battle of Tel El Kebir-battle between Egypt and Britain, Britain was trying to control the Suez Canal

4.6. Anglo-Iraqi War-British led war against Iraq

5. Time periods

5.1. Arab-Muslim Imperium(632-945)-The time that the Arab empire grew and took control much of the middle east

5.2. Rashidun- The time period of the first four Caliphates after Mohammad died.

6. Events

6.1. Fly whisk Incident-Algerian ruler struck French diplomat with a fly whisk for comments about Islam

6.2. First Moroccan Crisis- German Chancellor came to Morocco and stated that he supported the sovereignty of the Sultan, French, who mainly ruled Morocco were not pleased.

6.2.1. Second Moroccan Crisis- Germans felt as though French had aggravated a tribe as an excuse for Morocco to allow them into the country, Germany panicked and showed force.

6.3. Congress of Berlin-Following the Russo-Turkish War, this meeting was held to draw new borders

6.4. Napoleon III sends troops to Beirut- Napoleon leads troops to Beirut to stop the killing of Christians in a Lebanese civil war

6.5. Abdeen Palace incident of 1942- A show of force by the British to force the king to get rid of the current political system. Almost resulted in the Kings abdication

7. Empires

7.1. Mughals-Ruled much of India

7.2. Safavids-Ruled much of Persia and instilled Shia Islam instead of Sunni Isam