The Effective IS Manager of 2018

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The Effective IS Manager of 2018 by Mind Map: The Effective IS Manager of 2018

1. By Sage Byass 101176588

2. Skills

2.1. Managing Complexity

2.1.1. Globalised World Complex Problems Requires Complex Solutions

2.1.2. The Information Age Aware of Public Needs

2.1.3. Emerging Technology Up to Date

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Understandng People Build Rapport Personal Basis Personal Needs

2.2.2. Change Management Anticipated Conflict Successful Implementation of Change Trust in IT

2.2.3. Aware of Cultural Diversity Sensitivities

2.3. Risk

2.3.1. Risk Assessment

2.3.2. Risk Categorising

2.3.3. Risk Management Security Reduction of Threats Take safe-risks Competitive Advantage

3. Characteristics

3.1. Knowledgable

3.1.1. Technology

3.1.2. Anticipate Risks

3.1.3. Ideas for the Future As-Is To-Be

3.1.4. Economy

3.1.5. Politics & Social Issues

3.2. Leadership Material

3.2.1. Prioritise Avoid threats

3.2.2. Involved in Business Discussions

3.2.3. Agile Dynamic Capability Thrive

3.2.4. Leading Successful Teams

4. The Business

4.1. Business Strategy

4.1.1. Key Objectives Successful Outcomes Increased Customer Satisfaction

4.1.2. Initiatives Growth Market Share

5. IS Managers Previously

5.1. Managing IT Systems

5.2. Misaligned with the Business

5.3. Lack of Care for the Public

6. Aligns IS Strategy with Business Strategy