Volunteers' & Campaigns Coordinator

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Volunteers' & Campaigns Coordinator by Mind Map: Volunteers' & Campaigns Coordinator

1. Aims

1.1. 1. Recruit and manage volunteers

1.1.1. 1. Volunteers' Arena Recruitment The What The Why The How Management Create a volunteers' management system

1.2. 2. Create, organize and coordinate campaigns

1.2.1. 2. Develop campaigns that focus on Thematic Areas (s2c) a. Economic Empowerment b. Civic Action c. Climate Justice

1.3. 3. Establish strategic Partnerships

1.3.1. 3. Research on same-vision oriented organizations and businesses Create MoU

1.4. 4. Bridge the gap between staff and volunteers

1.4.1. 4. Capacity building, staff/ volunteers' retreats

1.5. 5. Create and implement a comprehensive Budget

1.5.1. 5. Logistics

1.6. 6. Reporting; M&E

1.6.1. 6. Documentation and Evaluation forms

2. Purpose: To strengthen the National Movement by establishing a strong network of volunteers and sustainable campaigns