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1. Very helpful, and specific

2. Rankings:

3. Colored map showing census block

4. Limited: from 2010 8 years ago, new research has likely been found by now.

5. Limitations

5.1. mostly articles found. Not much historic evidence found so I wanted to find more details on the history.

5.1.1. what I did: changed my search to discover "what is racial segregation" My result: definition answer from Wikipedia

6. specific articles such as "One woman's journey from the central city to the burbs".

6.1. a helpful journal sentinel article, showed researched into NAACP and Fair Housing

7. Google Results

8. Duck Duck Go

9. Why I chose this topic: after reading: "a closer look at Milwaukee Zip Code 53206" I was interested in the topic and wanted to find out much more about the historical background.

10. Odyssey Impact: Stakeholder

10.1. produced a helpful video in my research process that I watched about the harsh realities

11. Filter bubbles

11.1. very few found, which really helped my research process

12. Before I didn't even know the segregation in Milwaukee was so bad, by any means let alone the worse in the country

12.1. Visual Images helped me to understand this

12.1.1. Google Images for example; images of all black playgrounds

13. I used to think that segregated areas were a whole city issue

13.1. Now I know that there are greater issues within certain zip codes (such as 53206)

14. Limitations

14.1. Several sites on google simply gave me articles about the Movie that is about to be released and its executive producers

14.1.1. So... I decided to change my search to "issues in 53206 zip code" The result: Think Progress Article. How America's mass incarceration problem can be solved

15. I determined the quality of the articles I found by...

15.1. whether they were scholarly or not. Through Google Scholar

15.1.1. Google Scholar Articles evidence in articles on why Black Lives Matter Limitation: not so specific to Milwaukee but more the USA as a whole.

16. Stakeholders found during my research process

16.1. NAACP in MKE

16.2. Governor Scott Walker

16.3. Keith McQuirter

16.3.1. director of Milwaukee 53206 movie

16.4. Milwaukee Police