Marine Animals

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Marine Animals by Mind Map: Marine Animals

1. Mammal

1.1. Can go on land

1.1.1. Has a flipper Seal

1.1.2. Doesn't have a flipper Can climb trees Sea Mink Can't climb trees Polar Bear

1.2. Can't go on land

1.2.1. Porpoise

2. Not Mammal

2.1. Can go on land

2.1.1. Has fur Has a horn Narwhal Doesn't have a horn Beluga Whale

2.1.2. Doesn't have fur Has a curly tail Seahorse Doesn't have a curly tail Boops Boops Fish

2.2. Can't go on land

2.2.1. Has fur Penguin

2.2.2. Doesn't have fur Lung Fish