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1. Lacey Act (1900)

1.1. First federal law dealing with endangered animals and poaching. States that people cannot sell, trade, transport Illegally harvested or obtained flora and fauna.

2. Taylor Grazing Act (1934)

2.1. Passed after the Dust Bowl to prevent overgrazing. Converted federal rangelands from commons into a permit-based grazing system.

3. National Environmental Policy Act (1969)

3.1. National framework for environmental policy in the U.S. (Skeleton of environmental policy). Designed to ensure protection of the nation’s resources. Mandates an environmental assessment for all projects involving federal funding or federal permits.

4. Marine Mammal Protection Act (1972)

4.1. Designed to protect the declining populations of marine mammals. Prohibits the killing of all marine mammals in the U.S. and prohibits import or export of any marine mammal parts.

5. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (1973)

5.1. Treaty formed to control the international trade of threatened plants and animals. (175 Countries) Developed the Red List, a list of worldwide threatened species. Each participating country required to develop an agency to regulate the import and export of specimens on the Red List.

6. Endangered Species Act (1973)

6.1. (In response to CITES). Authorizes the Department of Fish and Wildlife to classify species as endangered or threatened and to protect the species and their habitat based on the classification. Prohibits trade of parts of protected species

7. Convention on Biological Diversity (1992)

7.1. An international treaty to help protect biodiversity. Three Priorities: Conserve biodiversity, sustainable use of that biodiversity, and equitably share genetic resources (new drugs, commercial uses). Recognized the intrinsic and instrumental value of biodiversity.

8. Healthy Forest Initiative (2003)

8.1. Allows timber harvesting on National Forest Land to protect against forest fires.