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Success Principle Exercises by Mind Map: Success Principle Exercises
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Success Principle Exercises


What can I do to make it more painful to miss a commitment than to not go?

Everytime I miss a commitment I am going to do the Tony Robbins Dickens method visualizing the pain of continuing with that habit!

Limiting Belief

3 Step Change

1) Write down limiting belif 2) Challenge, make fun of, and argue with the limiting belief - brainstorm new outrageous and fun beliefs. 3) Create a positive turn-around statement, the opposite of the original belief, one that sends shivers of delight all over my body! 4) Repeat belief several times a day for 30 days



Jump in and get started! Just start! Do it TODAY! Schedule, and make the commitment, have the DATE commit to OTHERS! Feel the fear and do it anyway, the key is just to get started. You do something and get feedback... what works and what doesn't.