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Tenses in English by Mind Map: Tenses in English

1. Usage

1.1. I'm going to do.

1.2. Conditional I

1.2.1. If I get my salary, I will go to a pub.

1.3. Conditional II

1.3.1. If I won the lottery, I would buy a private jet.

1.4. Conditional III

1.4.1. If I had heard my alarm clock, I would have arrived on time. a

2. Past

2.1. Simple Past

2.1.1. "I went to the doctor yesterday"

2.2. Past Progressive (Past Continuous)

2.2.1. "I was reading when she entered"

2.3. Past Perfect Simple

2.3.1. "By the time I woke up the girl had already left the room"

2.4. Past Perfect Progressive (Past Perfect Continuous)

2.4.1. When we arrived he had been drinking for 2 hours"

3. Present

3.1. Present Progressive (Present Continuous)

3.1.1. "She is smiling at me"

3.2. Simple Present (Present Simple) - Introduction

3.2.1. "I love you"

3.3. Present Perfect Simple

3.3.1. "I have seen this film"

3.4. Present Perfect Progressive (Present Perfect Continuous)

3.4.1. "I have been playing the violin for 5 years"

4. Future

4.1. Future I Simple (will)

4.1.1. I won't do my homework.

4.2. Future I Progressive (Future I Continuous)

4.2.1. "I will be playing with my baby at 10 o'clock this evening"

4.3. Future II Simple

4.3.1. "By this time next year I will have graduated from university"

4.4. Future II Perfect Progressive (Future II Continuous)

4.4.1. "In May he will have been playing football for 10 years"