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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. avatar

2. first degree contacts

2.1. dad

2.2. mom

2.3. grandpa

2.4. grandpa

2.5. brother

3. these people are connected to me because i live with them and they are my family so I am very close with them

4. second degree contacts

4.1. aunt

4.2. uncle

4.3. sister

4.4. dylan

4.5. cousin

5. these people are my second because I am not with them as much or they are young so they would be best as a secondary choice

6. third degree contacts

6.1. chrystal

6.2. vince

6.3. aunt

6.4. sister

6.5. uncle

7. these are my third degree contacts because the people are young or I don't really keep in touch with them n a regular basis