Joint Venture Accounting

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Joint Venture Accounting by Mind Map: Joint Venture Accounting

1. Reporting

1.1. GJLI

1.2. GJ97N

1.3. GJLI2

1.4. JADE Audit

1.5. Remaining Cutback

2. JV tables

2.1. JVSO1

2.2. JVSO2

3. Configuration

3.1. Global Data

3.2. Corporate Configuration

3.3. Detailed data

3.4. JOA class

3.5. Venture Class

3.6. Posting method

3.7. Posting rules

4. Manage Assets in JVA

4.1. Corporate Owned Assets

4.1.1. Corporate Owned Assets- Scenario 1

4.1.2. Corporate Owned Assets Scenario 2

4.2. Venture Owned Assets

5. Integration

5.1. Integration with FI

5.1.1. Cost Objecct WBS Cost Center Asset Internal Order

5.2. Integration with PRA

6. JV Period end closing

6.1. Cutback

6.1.1. GJ12 Invoice Extract

6.1.2. Expenditure extract -Gj13 Reconcile and Issue Partner billings Energylink Hard Copy Billing

6.2. Overheads

6.2.1. GJ94-Parent Company Overhead

6.2.2. GJ95- General Overheads

6.2.3. GJ96- Parent Company Overhead

6.2.4. GJ89- Escalation Overhead

6.3. Cost Allocations

6.3.1. Distributions GJG1 Distribution Cycle Setup GJG5-Distribution Cycle Execution

6.3.2. Assesments GJF1-Assesment cycle setup GJF5- Assessment cycle Execution

6.4. Netting

6.4.1. Parnter netting

6.4.2. Convenience Netting

6.5. Equity Adjustment

6.5.1. GJEC-Pre Equity Cutback

6.5.2. GJ19- Prior Period Equity Adjustment

6.6. Suspense Processing

6.6.1. Partner Suspsense

6.6.2. Equity Group Suspense

6.6.3. Project Suspense

6.6.4. JOA Suspense

6.6.5. JV Suspense

6.7. GJP1 Carried Interest and Net Profit Interest Processing

6.8. GJRC- Cash Call Reclassification

6.9. GJ10- Balance Carry forward

7. Foreign Currency Valuation

7.1. Realized exchange rate difference

7.2. Unrealized exchange rate difference

8. JV Master data and concepts

8.1. Venture Bank Accounting

8.2. Joint Operating Agreement

8.2.1. Joint Venture

8.2.2. Equity Group Business Partner Operating partner Non Operating partner

8.2.3. Equity Type

8.3. Cash calls

8.3.1. Operated cash call GJ01-Net cash call to Equity Group(EG) header GJ02-Gross Cash call to EG header GJ03-Net cash call at project/WBS level GJ04- Gross cash call at Project/Wbs level

8.3.2. Non Operated Cash calls GJ05- Post a Non- operated Venture Cash Call Post a Non-operated Venture Cash call to Project

8.4. Recovery Indicator

8.5. JIB JIBE Class

8.5.1. Sub Class A

8.5.2. Sub Class B

8.6. Billing Indicator

8.6.1. Clearing Billing Indicators