Pastoralistis in the Modern World

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Pastoralistis in the Modern World by Mind Map: Pastoralistis in the Modern World

1. Movement of Pastoral Nomads in Mountains

1.1. Gujjar bakarwls

1.2. Gaddi shepherds

1.3. Bhotiyas, Sherpas and Kinnauris

2. Movement of Pastoral Nomads on the Plateaus, Plains and Deserts

2.1. Dhangars

2.2. The Gollas, Kurumas and Kurubas

2.3. Banjara Tribes

2.4. Raikas

2.4.1. Maru Raikas

3. Colonial Rule and Pastoral Life

3.1. Waste Land Rules

3.2. Forest Acts

3.3. Criminal Tribes Acts

3.4. Imposition of Gazing Tax

3.5. Effects of Colonial Changes on the Lives of Pastoralistis

3.6. Ways by which Pastoralists Cope with the Change

4. pastoralism in africa

4.1. The Life of the Maasai Community

4.2. Effects of Colonial Rule on Maasai Community

4.2.1. Maasais Lost their Grazing Lands

4.2.2. Effects of Closed Borders on Pastoralists

4.2.3. Effects of Dried Pastures on Maasai

4.3. Unequal Effects of Colonial Rules on Maasai

4.4. Rituals to Become Maasai Warrior